Headboard Bench

I cut 3 inches off the headboard legs to make it a little shorter and match up with the footboard . I also cut the footboard right after the panel at 18.5 inches because that’s a comfortable bench depth.
I attached the footboard sides to the headboard using pocketholes.
I added the front and also used boards to make sure the bench would be strong and support weight.
Because this is a storage bench, I wanted the cushion to be attached to the seat. Making a nice looking cushion is super easy! Cut plywood and foam to the size of your seat. You want the fabric to extend a few inches over the edge on all sides. Lay the fabric face down. Line up the foam cushion. Cover it with 1/4th inch plywood. Pull the fabric tight up over the plywood and begin stapling it down. I start in the corners, then do the middles and slowly work my way around until it’s all tight and even. I use a ton of staples.
My cushion fits on the bench! I love this fabric
I sanded it all down and began painting. I probably should have gone with a more neutral denim blue but I loved the turquoise!
I got it all painted! It’s such a bright happy color!
I attached the bench seat using heavy duty hinges. That was a pain trying to hold the seat up and get both hinges even. I painted the edges of the seat but I didn’t bother with the middle since it will be covered by the
I attached the cushion using 1 1/4 inch screws through the bench seat into the cushion. It’s kinda tricky pushing the cushion down hard enough so the screws will go into the plywood cushion base. But it’s done! I love how it turned out!

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