Nightstand chair transformation

I love this chair and ottoman! I think they turned out super cute!
I debated leaving one drawer intact or two but I decided on two. I wanted it to be adult height.
I began by removing the top. It was attached with several screws underneath and in the back
The trim pieces were attached to the top. I ended up removing them with a few strikes from my hammer. Fortunately I didn’t damage the trim or the top.
I used my jigsaw to remove the piece going across the front. It’s starting to look like a chair!
I cut the top panel down to size so it fit inside the back of the chair.
I used nails and glue to reattach the trim to the sides and back. I also used pocket holes to attach the seat and the sides.
I added 1×4 armrests. I should have extended them an inch passed the chair but I still like it
I began cutting the 1/4 inch plywood to use as the cushion base. I started with the back and finished each cushion before moving on to the next one so I could get the measurements as I went along so it would all fit together.
I cut foam to the same size as the cushion base. For this, I actually used a twin size mattress pad. It’s much cheaper than buying foam from the fabric store. I used two layers so it would be comfortable.
Making cushions is super easy! Cut your fabric a few inches wider than your base. Layer fabric face down, then foam, and then 1/4 inch plywood. Begin pulling your fabric tight and then stapling around the edges. I start in the corners, then do the middles, and then work my way around until its tight and even. You will go through a lot of staples.
here’s a finished cushion. I actually like to leave the fabric bigger so it’s easier to work with and has less chance of being visible but I didn’t have quite enough fabric so I had to make do with what I had.
I measured the arm cushions after I finished the back so they would all fit together.
I cut the seat cushion last to make sure they all fit together snugly. For the seat cushion, I used 3 inch foam from Home Depot. Its $30 for a 3 inch thick 30 inch by 6 foot cushion. It’s much cheaper than a craft store. I would normally paint the chair before making the cushions but we were dealing with rainstorms and I didn’t want the paint to be ruined so I made the cushions first. I didn’t attach the cushions yet.
I painted the chair. I didn’t bother painting the surfaces that would be covered by the cushions but I painted the edges that might be visible.
I painted the inside and outside of the drawers. The insides of the drawers had some scribbles on it so I decided to paint over them. I left the bottoms plain to make sure the drawers would still slide smoothly.
Here it is done! I attached the cushions using screws through the sides. The trick is applying enough pressure to the cushions to make sure the screw actually goes into the cushion plywood. I scrubbed the original handles down and then spray painted them silver so they looked more modern.
For the storage ottoman, I took the top drawer and added legs. Since drawer bottoms aren’t very thick, I added a second layer of plywood. I also added a couple of screws to make them more sturdy.
Here’s the bottom. I wish it was a little sturdier but it’s still good.
I cut a piece of 3/4 inch plywood to the size of the drawer box.
I painted it and attached another 3 inch cushion to the top. I also added hinges so it would be a storage ottoman.
And here it is done!
And here’s the finished set! I ended up cutting a few inches off the chair because I couldn’t reach the ground. Now it’s a lot more comfortable. I love how this turned out!

28 thoughts on “Nightstand chair transformation”

  1. Hi I think it is lovely. Very good handy work and good imagination to put into something like that. Do you make them to order if so, I would love one. Spk Sn. Lynne


      1. Where are you located and how much you charge? Maybe i could pay for shipping or come get it myself.


    1. Honestly I used up the whole can and threw it away. It was a behr paint from home depot with some sort of tropical name. Tiki, oasis, Caribbean, something like that. Sorry.


    1. The top is attached by screws so if you take the drawers out you should be able to access them. You might need the 90 degree drill bit attachment to get them undone though


  2. What country and what city do you live in? Need to know. I know shipping is extreamly very high. But if you are not too far. We may drive there. Don’t know. But you did an awesome job.


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