My first upcycle was a failure

My first upcycle didn’t go according to plan. I forgot to ask one very important question. “Is this real wood?”

I bought this dresser with happy dreams of turning it into a beautiful bench!
Unfortunately, I got it home and realized it was super cheap particle board. This thing was worthless. I may or may not have destroyed the thing in anger with my bare hands.
But it did come with a nice big mirror with a real wood frame!
I was able to transform it into a beautiful coffee table! I used 2x4s and plywood to build a frame the same size as the mirror. I attached the mirrow from the bottom using pocket holes. I also added the angled 2x4s to give it more interest although if I was doing it over again, I would have the wide part at the top so you could more easily reach things on the bottom shelf.
The drawers were also in good shape! I turned the three small drawers into this fun organizer! All I had to do was attach 1x3s to the drawers.
I also made matching shelves with the large drawers! I think they would be cute as nightstands or toy boxes.

Even though I’m disappointed I wasn’t able to use the dresser the way I imagined, I made the best of it, and I feel good about what I created. I learned the importance of making sure I am buying quality items. I also learned to charge what both me and my projects are worth. I have developed my talents and I deserve to be paid fairly for my time and effort.

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