Refinished Cedar Chest Bench

Isnt this bench beautiful? It didn’t start out that way…
A woman asked me if I would be willing to turn this into a bench. Looking at her picture, I assumed it was a little dresser. She brought it over, and I began questioning my decision. What had I gotten myself into? This thing looked horrible!
She told me they didn’t have the key so she had never been able to open it. But it had hinges in back, so I took them off, and to my surprise, this was a beautiful cedar chest! The inside was in perfect condition!
I used painter’s tape to cover the top and painted the chest white. This took a couple of coats
I also used painter’s tape to protect the inside of the lid and I painted around the outside.
I painted the edges of the lid because they would be somewhat visible under the cushion, but I didn’t bother painting the middle because it would never be seen.
I cut away the existing fabric, added a three inch foam cushion, and attached bright green home decor fabric using staples.
Disaster! This attempt looked horrible! The color is way too bright, the cushion is too thick, and I didn’t pull it tight enough so it looks weird.
I went back to Joanns, bought a more subdued color, and used 2 layers of inch thick mattress pad. This looks much better!
My customer was pleasantly surprised to see the inside of this beautiful cedar chest!

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