Refinished Gradient Dresser

I think this gradient dresser turned out beautiful!
I started with this old dresser. It’s not in terrible shape but it did have several dings and scratches. But it is made from solid 1.5″ lumber and all the drawers work great!
I started by getting it all sanded. Definitely not my favorite step but it is very important for proper paint adhesion.
I took out all the drawers and started painting.
I used five colors. I started with a cream color and a brown. Those were my top and bottom drawers. I mixed those two colors together in different amounts until I had a nice gradient effect for the middle three drawers. I wasn’t very exact. I started with the cream and added more brown until I got the colors I wanted.
My first coat on the drawer faces to make sure I got the gradient effect I wanted.
I debated whether or not I wanted to paint the whole drawer but in the end I decided to do it. The drawers weren’t in bad shape, but I thought it would give it a more finished, cohesive look and I had mixed up plenty of paint to get it done. I took off the drawer slides first to make sure they wouldn’t get any paint inside that would effect the smooth slide.
I was not impressed with the brown paint. The color itself was good, but for some reason it had terrible coverage. I have used Behr premium plus paint and primer in one several times with good results, for for some reason, this color wasn’t cooperating.
It took four coats, which was extremely frustrating, but I got it done! When choosing paint, I go for something in the middle. I dont have the money for the nicest paint, but if you choose a cheap paint, it will require so much paint to get the coverage you want that it will end up costing you more in the end and you will go through a lot of paint.
I scrubbed the handles clean and then spray painted them bronze so they would match the color scheme better.
Because all these drawers are the same size, I tried it out with the paint going dark to light and light to dark.
In the end I went light to dark. I normally prefer cool colors, so for me this was a bit outside my comfort zone going with browns and creams, but I love the finished project and I think it turned out great!

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