Rolltop Desk Refinish

This was a fun project! It turned out so pretty!
I started with this desk. It’s a very solid fun piece
I was hoping I would be able to remove the top to make refinishing it easier but I couldn’t figure out how to do it. I couldn’t find any screws or anything so it had to stay in one piece.
I took out all the drawers and started sanding. Why do I always choose projects that involve so much sanding?
I sanded all the drawers too.
Since it was a nice warm day and the paint was drying pretty fast, I was able to get them all done pretty fast. I just went from drawer to drawer, starting with the drawer faces, then the sides, then inside, and then I went around again, adding a second coat, until they were all done!
The roll top was intimidating at first. I didn’t want to do anything that would impede its function. I painted it white and carefully painted inside all the grooves. It took a few coats.
This was a big project so it involved a lot of painting. I ended up using three coats although some areas involved additional touchup.
I am a messy painter. I usually end up covered in paint by the time I’m done. That made painting this desk two different colors a bit complicated. I ended up getting some of my cream colored paint on the white rolltop and had to go back and clean it up after I was done.
These drawers look like two separate drawers, so I used painter’s tape to mask off the area and painted the middle cream.
I normally don’t like neutral colors but I love this combination on this desk. It gives it a modern sophisticated feel while still being fun.
I think it turned out beautiful!

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