Dresser bench

This fun little bench turned out so cute!
I started with this bench from the thrift store
I took out the top drawer and unscrewed all the screws holding the top on
It was glued down so I needed a little help from my hammer to pry the top off
Okay, I got most of the screws out. I missed a few but I still got the top off without doing too much damage.
I took off the cross support bar on top, removed the drawer slide, and took off the little blocks that had helped attache the top and sides.
I used the top as the backrest. I cut the sides down so that it would fit inside the base
It was kinda tricky cutting the seat. It had to curve in the front and fit around the sides.
I took my time and measured carefully and traced it all out on my sheet of 3/4 inch plywood. Fortunately, the top support piece that I removed earlier had the same curve as I needed for the front of the seat so it worked out perfectly.
I cut it out with my jigsaw. I actually clamped my 1/4 plywood that I was going to use as the cushion base and cut them at the same time.
It fit perfectly! I attached it from the bottom with several pockethole screws to make sure it would support weight
I also added wood to make the sides thicker for armrests.
Time to make the cushion! I used 3 inch foam camping pads from home depot. They are only $20, much cheaper than foam from the craft store. These are my foam scissors. Cutting thick foam is a pain in the butt. I trace out the pattern on the foam and then hack through it with my scissors. I cut the top layer and then the bottom until I cut all the way through.
I cut my fabric a few inches bigger than the foam and wood to make sure I have plenty of fabric to work with and then pull it all tight and staple it down.
Because the seat has a weird shape, I made the seat cushion first so I could just slide it down in there. I didn’t attach it yet but I wanted it in place so I could get measurements for the other cushions.
Next I made the back cushion. Same idea as the seat but instead of 3 inch foam, I used two layers of a cheap mattress pad from walmart
I put the seat and back rest in place and then measured the arm cushions.
Once I got all four cushions made, I set them aside until after i painted.
I cut arm rests and a bar to go around the back and hide the messy area where I attached the seat back.
Then my least favorite part, getting it all sanded.
My first coat of paint! I used a cream color for the body and gray for the drawers and arm rests.
I attached the cushions using screws and then added the ar

1 thought on “Dresser bench”

  1. I am utterly shocked at the beautiful furniture you created out of furniture most would throw away. With a little imagination you have brought them back to life and created beautiful furniture to be loved for many more years.


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