Navy stars nightstand chair

I love this fun little chair!
I started with this red thrift store nightstand.
I carefully unscrewed the top and removed it. And I actually got all the screws out this time!
I removed the front bar and all of the top supports
I cut a piece of plywood to fit across the support boards and attached it from the bottom with pockethole screws so the seat can support weight. I also cut the nightstand top so that it fit inside as the backrest. I used the edge pieces that I cut off to help support the arms of the chair and act as decoration.
I sanded it down. When I’m painting projects, I usually dont worry about completely removing the existing finish. I sand it enough so the surface is rough and the new paint will adhere.
The arms of the chair were pretty short and they wouldn’t be tall enough once I added the cushion so I added 2x4s and secured them with pocket hole screws. I also cut 1×4 armrests and rounded the edges with my jigsaw.
I rounded the top of the seat back to give it a more natural shape
I decided to go with a fun navy star’s fabric since my other nightstand chairs have been more feminine. Check out my other blog posts for info on how to make cushions! I didn’t attach the cushions yet, I just got them cut and assembled to make sure they fit.
I used 3 coats of this pretty navy paint! It’s called Deep arctic Night Blue. I paint the edges that will be covered by the cushions but I dont worry about the centers because they will be completely hidden.
I secured the cushions using screws.
And here is the final project!

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