Black and White Nightstands

These black and white nightstands turned out so cute!
I went to the thrift store looking for nightstands. I had a couple of projects in mind, but when I found these big matching nightstands, I decided to refinish them as a set instead!
They were kinda beat up but they are solid wood and all the drawers worked fine after I tightened the screws. The top drawer was lined with black velvet.
I loved these drawer pulls and fortunately they were all there and looked good so I got to use the original hardware!
I got them all sanded. Because I was painting them and not re-staining them, I roughed up the surface pretty good rather than stripping it.
I painted the face and the center of the drawers white.
I then taped over the white area so I could paint the sides, tops, and edges black
I also taped around the center if the drawers so I could paint the edges black.
I painted the sides, tops and backs black.
I put the drawers in and I didn’t love it. The front and sides didnt really tie together.
I taped off the bottom and painted it black to make the sides and front more cohesive.
I liked it much better with the solid black base going all around.
I took the handles back off and painted the insides and sides of the drawers. I left the bottoms plain so the drawers would still slide smoothly.
I used painters tape but I struggled to get the sharp lines i was hoping for which was disappointing.
I love how they turned out! The black and white contrast is fun yet still classy and these will look great in someone’s bedroom!

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