Upcycled Bench

I love this fun little bench!
I started with this little piece of furniture. I’m not sure what the original purpose was. Not a chest, not a dresser, not really a coffee table or console table. But it had a lot of fun details and was begging to be transformed into a bench!
I started by cutting a 1/4th inch sheet of plywood to the size of the top using my jigsaw.
I sanded the sides as best I could trying to get in all the crevices. I didnt worry about the top since it will be covered by the cushion.
I removed the drawer front from the drawer itself to make sanding and painting easier.
I love the feet and trim and all the pretty details!
It was a pain trying to paint all the detailed areas that make this piece stand out.
I painted the drawer front.
I painted the sides but didnt worry about the top.
I made the cushion using 3 inch foam. I traced around the plywood and the cut it out with scissors.
I have one set of scissors I use exclusively for foam. The foam is so thick, it runs the scissors and makes it hard to cut anything else. I have to cut the foam in layers. I cut the top and the have to cut the bottom half separately because it’s too thick to cut through the whole 3 inch foam at once.
I cut the fabric a few inches wider than the foam so it will wrap around.
Once it’s all cut out, I layer my fabric face down, then the foam, and then the plywood. I start pulling the fabric tight and stapling the corners. Then I do the centers and work my way around until the fabric is tight and not lumpy.
I attached the cushion using screws from underneath. I put the handles back on and I love how it turned out! I love the fun details and the bold fabric

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