Nightstand desk

I had fun changing this little nightstand into a kids desk!

I started with this nightstand I picked up from the thrift store. Its solid wood but I didnt love the finish.
I cut a piece of plywood an inch wider than the nightstand and 22 inches longer. I used my router to give it a fun edge.
I cut legs the same height as the nightstand and used my circular saw to cut them at an angle to give it a little more visual interest. I cut another 2×4 to fit between the legs so they are the same width as the desk top. I connected them all using pocket holes.
I attached the legs using pocket holes and glue. I connected the back leg to the nightstand using a support bar to give the desk greater stability and to protect the legs from breaking off.
I got everything sanded and then removed the drawers and started painting. I decided to use chalkboard paint for the top and drawer fronts and black semi gloss latex paint for the rest.
I painted the drawer fronts with chalkboard paint but painted the sides and inside with latex paint.
I also adapted Ana White’s kids storage chair. I made it bigger and added a cushion
Here’s the finished chair! I love the fun fabric!
After letting the chalk paint cure for 3 days as instructed, I conditioned it by rubbing the whole top and drawer fronts with chalk and then erasing.
This will be a super fun desk for a kid or teen! I love the silver drawer pulls and I think it turned out super cute!

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