Refinished desk and new chair

I love this beautiful desk and fun chair!
I started with this desk. It’s pretty beat up and dated. I decided to give it a bright modern makeover!
I got a fun surprise when I opened it up! Check out these cool drawers! They are made from one piece of wood that has been bent into shape. I’ve never seen anything like it!
Starting to sand it down. This is my least favorite part of a project.
So. Much. Sanding.
My first layer of stain. I actually used Minwax Polyshades in espresso. Its stain and polyurethane in one product. It doesn’t give as much control as using stain and polyurethane separately, by I still like it for some projects. The more coats you apply, the deeper the color gets and it adds protection at the same time.
First coat of paint on the drawers. I decided to paint the drawer face but leave the beautiful workmanship on the drawers exposed.
My first coat of paint on the desk. The better you sand a project, the easier it is to paint and the better the paint adhesion. But as I may have mentioned, I really hate sanding. So it takes a couple of coats of paint to get it looking good. I also applied my second coat of stain.
My third coat of espresso polyshades. I love! A rich beautiful brown that can stand up to daily use. I also finished the second coat of paint and it’s looking good!
The desk is done! I used new drawer pulls to give it a more modern feel and it turned out great!
For the chair, I followed Ana White’s plan, classic chairs made simple. Cutting the back legs was tricky, requiring several cuts with the circular saw and jigsaw, but as long as you take it slow and follow her instructions, it’s not too bad. It gives the chair a nice comfortable angle. I did make the chair a little smaller than her plans so it would fit inside the desk opening.
I got the chair all painted. It’s the same color as the desk. I’m in love with this color! Its Behr Caribbean Current from home depot. A beautiful rich teal.
Here’s my finished chair!
I think this fun little desk and matching chair turned out great!

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