Navy dresser bench

I picked up a free dresser and transformed it into this cute little bench!

I got this dresser for free on the side of the road. It was beat up and missing a drawer but I saw its potential.
I started taking it apart. I removed the drawer and supports. It’s not real wood but for a kids bench it will still be sturdy enough. And it’s hard to complain when I got it for free!
I carefully unscrewed the top and removed it. I even got all the screws out this time without destroying anything!
I used my jigsaw to carefully cute down the sides into armrests.
I took the top and cut it down so it would fit as the backrest usingĀ  my jigsaw.
I failed at taking progress pictures for a few steps but I attached plywood for the seat from the bottom using my pockethole kreg jig. I also added side supports.
You can see the finish flaking off here. It took me a few days to get this project started and it got damaged by my sprinkler. But you can also see that the side base was destroyed when I got it and needed to be replaced.
I removed the side base from the other side and used it as a template. I traced the design and then cut it out with my jigsaw. I actually made two and replaced both so they would be a perfect match.
I used my router to add a decorative edge to the top.
I attached the base and then began sanding.
I failed to take pictures as I was making my cushions but I used the same process I used for my chairs and benches. Cut plywood 1/16th of an inch smaller than the back, cut foam to match. Cut fabric a few inches wider than the plywood and then stack them, pulling fabric tight and stapling all around. I began with the back.
Then I moved on to the sides. When making cushions, do one step at a time so they will all fit snugly together.
I finished up with the seat cushion. For foam, I use the 30″ by 6 foot 3″ thick foam pads from Home Depot for $20. Much cheaper than the craft store. I like this foam for seats. For the sides and back, I used 2 layers of foam mattress pad from Walmart. You can get a queen for like $17 and it lasts a few projects.
I began painting. I love this Arctic Night Blue from Home depot. It’s a deep, rich navy. You can see I didn’t paint the full seat or back. I just painted areas that might be visible.
I painted everything on the drawer except the bottom. I dont want to interfere with the drawer slides.
I attached the cushions using screws. The seat and sides were easy but the back is so thick, I had to go buy 3.5″ screws before I could continue.
I used the original handles since they hang down and wont bump your legs. I also added armrests. I think it turned out beautifully!

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