Rustic X living Room set

I followed Ana White’s wonderful tutorials to make this beautiful living room set! I highly recommend checking out her website for hundreds of amazing plans with clear, easy to follow I structions using minimal tools!

I didn’t take many progress photos but for all 4 pieces, you make 2 matching frames and then attach side pieces.
Make sure you cut your boards carefully, ensuring they are exactly the right size and perfectly straight so everything will fit together!
For the tabletop, I connected all the boards together from the bottom using pockethole screws and joinery.
Because it’s made from 2x4s and 2x6s which are pretty rough, a lot of sanding is required to get a nice finish!
I attached my X’s using glue and screws but nails would have given it a cleaner look. The X’s are a pain in the butt trying to get all the angles just right so they will fit together perfectly!
I paint the underside first to make life easier. This way I dont have to worry about messing up the finished top. I used Behrs Perfect taupe.
I stained the top using Minwax stain in Espresso. This is my favorite color of stain. It gives a deep, rich, chocolatey brown. It’s easy to apply. Wipe on with one rag, let it sit for a few minutes, wipe off with a clean rag, and then protect it a few hours later using Polycrylic brushed over the top in thin layers.
I made 2 of the side tables. These things are huge! If I was doing it over again, I would have used 1x10s for the center panel instead of 1x12s and used 4 2x6s for the top instead of 5.
For the bookcase, I made it narrower so I only had to buy 1 1×12 board. I wish I had made it taller. It’s only 70 inches tall. As you can see, my X’s didn’t turn out perfectly here.
I love this coffee table! It’s a great size and very sturdy!
The console table turned out beautifully! Overall, I had a lot of fun making this set! It’s very sturdy and well built.

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